Our enduring needs for others. The John Bowlby 25th Anniversary Event „Children and Families“.


Featuring Karl Heinz Brisch and Miriam Steele in dialogue. Chair: Christopher Clulow

Christopher Clulow took the imaginative decision to invite the audience to set the agenda for the round table discussion between Karl Heinz Brisch from Munich, Germany and Miriam Steele, who is now based in New York City.

He asked people to identify questions and themes for the trio to discuss together after an emotionally resonant reading from DH Lawrence where the voice of a young child describes most poetically her experience of being in a family. The themes included the following: What is the role of grandparents and the experience of the three generation family in 2015? Who IS family? The complexity of families where there are many configurations for example the re configuring of family relationships post divorce with remarriages. Changes brought about through the acquisition of family through adoption and fostering, in vitro fertilisation. There was lively discussion about inclusion of children with learning disabilities, the use of the Baby Watching programme and another specialised intervention being pioneered in New York to support families where the socioeconomic stressors on young parents are being recognised in the political context of austerity and cuts to social spending.
(Source. John Bowlby Center, Video Five – Length 39 mins.)


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