BASE ® Babywatching Australia

B.A.S.E.® – Babywtaching is an international program taking place in Germany, the UK, Israel, New Zealand and for the first time, AUSTRALIA! It has been developed by Attachment Researcher Dr. Karl Heinz Brisch and Child Analyst Henri Parens and is now gaining momentum around the world. Children are encouraged to watch how a baby grows and develops from week to week, observing interactions between the mother and child with guidance from a facilitator enabling them to discuss what they are seeing.

BASE ® Babywatching UK

BASE ® Babywatching is a highly effective, schools-based programme. A parent, and their baby, visit a class of children, once a week, for half an hour, so the children can watch the interactions between mother and baby, and their developing relationship. Guided by the Group Leader, who is often their teacher, this simple act of detailed observation reduces children’s anxiety and aggression by increasing understanding and empathy. Children feel safer, more focused and ready to learn.

EMDRIA Deutschland e.V.

EMDRIA e.V. wurde 1995 von einem Therapeutenkreis um Dr. Arne Hofmann, der EMDR in Deutschland eingeführt hat, gegründet. Mit heute schon über 2.000 Mitgliedern ist EMDRIA e.V. eine dynamisch wachsende Fachgesellschaft. Die Mitglieder – approbierte Ärztinnen, Ärzte, Psychologinnen, Psychologen sowie Therapeutinnen und Therapeuten für Kinder und Jugendliche – werden von anerkannten Instituten in EMDR ausgebildet und von EMDRIA e.V. zertifiziert.


EFCNI is the first pan-European organisation and network to represent the interests of preterm and newborn infants and their families. It gathers together parents, healthcare experts from different disciplines and scientists with the common goal of improving long-term health of preterm and newborn children by ensuring the best possible prevention, treatment, care and support.